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Pure Konjac Sponge

Pure Konjac Sponge

The unique, net-like structure of the Konjac sponge gently massages the skin to stimulate blood flow & cell turnover, while lifting make-up and grime for a radiant, peachy soft complexion. Originally created for babies, these facial sponges are super soft and ideal for delicate or sensitive skin.

They will gently cleanse the face, removing dirt, excess oils, flaky skin and blackheads, without the need to use an additional cleanser.

How do you use a Konjac sponge?
Konjac sponge is dry and hard. To use it, soak the sponge for 5–10 minutes until it expands and fully softens, then squeeze out the excess water right before you use it.

Once your sponge is ready, gently massage your face in circular motions until your skin is clean and your makeup is removed. If you don’t like the idea of really buffing your cleanser into your skin, you can always rub it over your damp skin after cleansing it to pick up excess skin cells. Then rinse out the sponge and hang it (or stand it up) to air-dry over night.

Pure Konjac vegetable fibre
100% compostable and biodegradable
Hang in a cool dry place to extend product life
Vegan & cruelty free
Will last 4-6 weeks with care

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