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salt soaps & skin care products

Nourish your body, & inspire your soul. Embrace the simplicity of nature's
ingredients and discover the power or natural skincare.
Our handmade salt soaps & skin care elevate daily bathroom rituals to a home spa experience.

recyclable • sustainable • plastic free • all natural ingredients

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Welcome to Baed Natural

It all began with a deep love for self-care and the joy of pampering myself. I've always loved how skincare & body care rituals can not only make you look good but also feel incredible. This combined with a desire to live a more eco-friendly life, led me to create a range of products that left me feeling amazing while at the same time eased my conscience.

Each Baed product is like a little love letter to self-care, filled with ingredients that make you feel like you're at a luxurious spa, right in the comfort of your own bathroom. From silky body butters to invigorating scrubs, I'm on a mission to make everyone feel pampered, confident, and oh-so-glowy!