our story


Baed Natural is a small artisanal company based in Bath creating unique luxury body care products. I am passionate about wonderful fragrances and caring for your body whilst being conscious & responsible for our planet.

In 2021 Baed Natural was conceived after making a personal decision to have less plastic in my life. I took the decision to learn how to make soap and never looked back! I wanted to create a company to be proud of and that means something personal to me. I chose the name Baed, a word derived from the old english word 'to bathe' – perfect for the products I create as well as the city in which I am lucky enough to live.

What I've created is a brand with a conscience which allows you to feel reassured about the products you buy. I truly believe that indulgence doesn’t have to mean excess. Using a minimal number of ingredients in each product means that your body is getting what it deserves without the use of synthetic ingredients or costing the planet. What you're buying is a fantastic, natural product that performs well, smells great and is only made with what nature provides. This minimal ethos means my products are not over-produced and more importantly not over-packaged.

Priding myself on using only the finest quality ingredients every batch I make is hand poured making each product unique. All the fragrances are hand blended, using a combination of essential oils, to create a unique scent that is synonymous with the area of Bath it represents.

Nature and nurture is at the heart of every product I make. All the ingredients I use are skin loving and bring a benefit. I want to harness what nature has to offer to nurture your body and all of my products being oil based makes it even better for your skin.

I hope that you love using the products as much as I Iove making them.