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Austen Soy Wax Candle

Austen Soy Wax Candle

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Hand poured soy wax candle with pure essential oils

Drift into fields of luscious fresh flowers with Austen's relaxing, stress-melting optimistic blend. A luxuirous blend of floral scents perfect for helping you relax, ease tension and relieve stress.

Jane Austen, is world renowned celebrated author who made Bath her home in the early 1800s. The city was a thriving spa resort, popular with fashionable society. Her fondness for the city is reflected in two of her novels, Persuasion & Northanger Abbey. The city celebrates its connection with Jane Austen every year with a festival, attended by hundreds of people adorned in regency costumes promenading the streets.

Clary Sage: well known for its ability to ease anxiety and calm the mind. It's also said to relieve tension and pain, particularly in the abdominal region.
Geranium: a very effective remedy for anxiety and can also relieve pain. The oil is also said to have soothing effects that can benefit the appearance of skin as well as overall health.
Lavender: a famous essential oil and scent, Lavender essential oil has many applications. One of its most common is as a sleep aid, as it is able to relieve any stress that may be causing symptoms of insomnia.
Indian Neroli: distilled from the flower of the bitter orange tree, neroli's floral scent is calming and relaxing. The oil also has soothing effects that can calm pain and swelling.

APPROX BURN TIME: 220g/30cl – 40hrs 

Vegan | No Synthetic fragrances | Cruelty-Free | Plastic-free

Do not burn in direct sunlight or near any source of heat
Never leave a burning candle unattended
Burn out of reach of children & pets
Trim the wick between burns to 10mm
Remove any debris that may collect in the was pool around the wick once it is safe to do so
Do not allow the candle to burn all the way down, extinguish before it burns the into the container

Min weight 600g

Please recycle cardboard box & repurpose glass jar

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