Why is salt good for my skin?

It's a question I asked myself at the beginning of my journey. Surely salt is too harsh and dries out the skin? I couldn't have been more wrong! Yes, salt can be abrasive but it's the size of the salt crystals that makes the difference. If you want gentle exfoliating then you use fine sea salt! Simple when you think about it. Sometimes you might feel that your body needs stronger exfoliating, especially in those tricky areas such as elbows and knees. Simply use a coarser grade of sea salt – you just need to remember that if the crystals you're using are too large they may be a little scratchy on the skin.
So why is salt good for your skin? The human body contains many of the same minerals and nutrients as sea water so it's no surprise that sea salt is a natural friend. It balances, protects and restores your skin. Sea salt is brimming with minerals all of which play a key role in skin health and function. As we enter the colder months our skin's natural mineral balance can be off-kilter which can lead to dryness, dullness, irritation or even blotchiness... This is when sea salt is the perfect addition to a beauty regime. Not only does it help to balance and improve skin hydration but it also strengthens the protective barrier and kick starts cell regeneration. Something we all need a little help with as we get a little older.

Salt based skincare helps to exfoliate the top layers of skin - it takes away the dead skin cells that get left behind after natural shedding. It can remove left over makeup, excess oil, dirt and other impurities that have been built up in daily life. It has to be said that exfoliating is a crucial way of maintaining clear skin. By removing these dead skin cells it means that pores are much less likely to be clogged by cell debris left on the skin.

Sea salt vs table salt? Sea salt is always going to be the winner in this battle. Table salt has been processed & iodized leaving it stripped of all its natural minerals so you're not going to get any of the skin healing benefits that sea salt has to offer. So if you want to add a little salt into your beauty regime be sure grab a salt full of its natural minerals.



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